Friday, 27 September 2013

Train no. 512, scheduled at 11:13

I was waiting for a local train, train no. 512, scheduled at 11:13 a.m. And as it usually happens, the train was late by an hour. I had to wait at platform no.1.

Waiting for trains is the most terrible thing. But in a railway traffic system as disoriented as ours we are accustomed to it. We take it as the right of railways to give us painful hours at platform before we have to get stuffed ourselves like lifeless luggage in railway coaches.

It was 12.30 p.m. and by now neither the train nor my phone made any sound. I had asked her to call me after 12.00noon. Finally it was 1.00p.m.when the train whistled. And as it entered into the platform my phone also started vibrating. I saw the screen and it was a call from the same ‘unregistered’ number.

I was at a fix. What I should have done- received the call or struggled to stuff myself in the train?

Prudence: I should have caught the train. But the prospect of loosing chance of talking to a girl and that too from Navodaya landed me in the dilemma of choice.
The train entered into the platform and the phone was still in my hand. I was looking at the screen. I was at a cross; the train or the call. The call finally went unanswered and the train stopped.

It presented a ten of ten sight of stuffed Indian local train. Anyhow I elbowed my way into the bogey. I was, like everyone else, struggling hard to make an inch for myself to stand.

Though I was struggling to stand I slipped my hand to my pocket to discover if my phone was vibrating again. Now that I was inside the train I wanted to ensure not even a ‘baby call’ go missing. The train started and within few minutes it reached Koilwar Railway Bridge. The deafening sound was arising when the train ran over the bridge with its momentum.

 My hands went on my pocket and my phone was vibrating. Again it was the same number flashing. But again I was at dilemma. Had I received the call the conversation would have been badly marred by the noise of the train on the bridge. But this time I decided to receive the call.

 I wanted not to make her feel I was waiting for her call.

“Hello kaun bol raha hai?” I enquired as if I did not know at all about the caller.
Hello, mai Apoo….

 Kkkkhhhhhhhrrrrrrrrrrr…………… the soft lady voice was engulfed by the giant roar of the train.

 I am unable to hear your voice. I am in a train and the train right now is running on the railway bridge please call me in two minutes.

And she disconnected the call.
As the train crossed the railway bridge my phone again vibrated and it was the same number.

“Hello kaun bol raha hai?”
“Mai Apoorva bol rahi hun”
“Yes, bolo”, I received the call.

And the conversation started. The conversation that lasted………