Thursday, 19 September 2013

Just for once let the chaos prevail….let the country collapse

Stir this equilibrium inflict some disequilibrium
enforce disorder let stand naked your pseudo-order
pretending to be the best is one thing being one is other…..

Here in our country…..

even in 2013 communities clash to kill each other
people are provoked to annihilate the humanity
from the killing of people and annihilation of humanity
our political leaders keep fuelling their polity
Muzaffarnagar is just one example

In December of 2012 they raped a girl to death
in September 2013 "rapists” are to be hanged to death
explore their background…. both the girl and rapists
millions of Indian share their life and living
Few are even worse…living on alms…..
what will happen if you kill these millions.. 

you don’t get time to purge this
you are too busy claiming “India is developing fast”
sorry then... such rapes and deaths will never stop

School buildings have become magnificent
teachers and techniques have donned modernity
but behind the magnificence of the buildings
residing is the education with mediocrity …..

How long would you continue with ostrich’s attitude
don’t pretend to be ‘developing’ when the streets house destitute
worked up we are of this boasting of yours
that hungry kid in my neighborhood died
you just keep on instructing official not to waste fish fried

Please destroy this sand structure you have built
let the chaos engulf the India that you have made
Just for once let the chaos prevail….let the country collapse