Saturday, 7 September 2013

my testosterone flows... for right woman

I too have testosterone..but it flows at right time for right woman
I too am a man & man enough to respect fellow women
I too have eyes but to appreciate and not to vision-rape
I too have hands but to help not to stealthily press

Human that I am falling in love is in my nature 
but love is to caress and not to ravage 
I want to be respected, followed but not being 'baba'
beauties are there around me I want to appreciate not to consume

with same intensity.......I enjoy milk I enjoy wine
I love sex I love to get wet and make you wet 
my virtues you know are the appreciation of  divine......
my vices let me tell you are the manifestation of humanity 

but for all the vices I may have for all the ills I posses
I, as an Indian, promise you...... 
I am a man and am not going to rape you