Thursday, 5 September 2013

On Teachers' Day....It was love at first sight

It was 5th September, the Teachers’ Day.

 She was in class 10th and I was in class 12, in last year of Navodaya life.  Every Teacher’s Day class twelfth students were given the task to play their teachers. I was in the role of English teacher. And my first period was with class 10th ‘Section – ‘A’.

“Yes, I know all these. “Mai bhi us samay Navodaya me class tenth me hi thi” Apoorva said in lighter tone.

Yes Apoorva. But let me complete.

And I continued.

“In very first period I saw a girl sitting between two girls in the second row. I didn’t recognize her. It appeared to me that I had seen her in Navodaya for the first time. She appeared an alien to me in Navodaya”.  

“You didn’t recognize her? You used to command the entire school in the morning and the evening prayers. Standing on the elevated stage with all girl students standing before you on ground you could have seen every body. How come you had never seen her?” Apoorva interrupted me.

Yes Apoorva I had never seen that girl earlier. I didn’t know even her name. Despite these; that very first sight with her made me feel strongly about her. That was the day when I realized the meaning of ‘love at the first sight’.

But knowing the end result of loving a girl in Navodaya and that too a junior girl I decided to kill that love in my heart before it could sprout.

Days passed; I tried to forget her. But the more I was trying to ward off her memories the more I started feeling for her.

When I was finding it difficult to forget her I decided to find out her name. It was difficult for me to find out her name because she was a junior to me.

One day I was sitting in my classroom (class 12 Science) during supervise studies. Students of class tenth ‘Section- A’ could go into their classroom only after crossing ours. 

As the girls passed by my classroom my classmate Vishu said, “Yaar dekh na kya maal lag rahi hai Phool Kumari!”

“OOO… means you people referred to Annu by phool Kumari,” Apoorva was amused. 

And this was how I came to know the name of the girl. The girl who I had seen for the first time on Teacher's Day. The girl with whom I had a 'love at first sight'!  

That love at first sight on this day (Teacher's Day) changed my life forever.....yes forever......

I told the entire story to Apoorva.