Monday, 2 September 2013

Love is a star: Near and far!

That was near, near, near too near
That was shining, that was glittering
That was glorifying, that was twinkling
That was calling me, that was inspiring me
Come, come,come and grab me
Come,come,come you can have me.

That was far,far,far too far
That was blotting the glory of the sky
that was flawing the beauty of the moon
that was alluring me ,that was deterring me
come,come,come you can’t touch me
come,come,come you can’t have me.

That was a story of a star
Which at times was really a star
But at times a villain starified
Veering between two extremities
Sometimes unknown sometimes a citizen of locality.

That unfortunately is also the story of my love
Sometimes a possibility sometimes rarity and impossibility
Sometimes a mystery deciphered
Sometimes a plight covered
Swaying between two thoughts
Sometimes a sweet drink

Sometimes a bitter bout.