Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Apoorva had leaned on his shoulder...her baby was still asleep in her lap

“But was Abhijeet an extra-ordinary case? Is it not something that has been happening in our society since times immemorial, unfortunately? Was Abhijeet not just another victim of our social prejudices? Isn’t it prudent enough not to love someone? Isn’t it good to keep the desire to love dormant,” 

I, the writer, was asking myself as suddenly Abhijeet asked me, “Why do one’s girlfriend’s brothers and her family hate one like hell?”

And he gave me the answer too.

My case gave me two reasons:

They know that their family members combined can’t love their girl as much as you singly can; and they also regret the fact that their girl loves a boy more than any of their whole family members.

“How I couldn’t answer any of his questions though I was never wrong either by the law of the land or law of the Lord. Neither constitution makes loving punishable nor does creator,”

I really agreed at his contentions. 

Abhijeet continued……

I stepped at Delhi station, passing through unbearable agony. His words, “don’t think, call or message my sister in future which starts right now” were beating my eardrums. So many questions were arising in my mind, the writer.

I went into deep silence as the train from Delhi station sped way back. But something from my inner part propelled me to answer his questions.

“Some of his questions and my answers and prejudices in the society are constituents of my love story,” Abhijeet continued. 

Apoorva had leaned on his shoulder. Their baby was still sleeping in her mother’s lap.