Monday, 21 October 2013

When he printed a newspaper on her for her b'day

What do you expect from your near and dear ones on your birthday?

Your favourite dish prepared in their hands, your favourite books, clothes, the car you love the most, jewelry, cakes, chocolates, drinks, a party that they throw for you. Or just a fulfilling hug of the special someone who is not before your eyes but always in your heart. The list may go on and on. Human desires and expectations are infinite!

But howsoever you may expand ambit of your desires you don’t expect somebody to publish an entire newspaper on you on your birthday. Featuring every good and bad of yours. Or to put it otherwise nobody can publish an entire newspaper on you on your birthday.

But he did it today. My room partner at Indian Institute of Mass Communication, Sourav Roy Barman has done it for my classmate Trisha Mukherjee.

The night of 20th October was just like any another night except the fact it happens to be the night before 21st October. I had gone to bed early. Around 2pm when the nature’s call forced me to wake up, Dada – as we call Barman who happens to be a Bengali from Tripura – was not in his bed. I bothered little. In the morning when I woke up at 06:30, I saw he was still awake writing something on paper.

In some more time Chacha (as we all call Manish Sain, our classmate) came into my room and he started doing some designing on Quark Xpress. Bhaskar, that perpetually high guy from Assam was also there. When I looked at Quark project, Chacha was working I found it was a newspaper titled “Trisha Times".

                                    Trisha Times newspaper on Trisha's Facebook wall 
Barman had started writing his piece at night. He could not complete it before 9am. They had this deadline of 9.30. After that we had our classes. The newspaper was print ready by 09:05am.

Don’t err into thinking that this newspaper was just a write up studded only with adjectives unjustifiably squeezed into the every sentence just to flatter the birthday girl.

This news paper was like a proper newspaper in the sense that it had carried stories with relevant quotes and interviews. It carried the message of Trisha’s sister Pinku, interview of her best friend back there in Kolkata Indrani Paul and her friends here at IIMC and other places also.

These interviews and quotes were managed by Dada who was special correspondent for the Newspaper. Special in every meaning of the term. 

Rest news stories were written by reporters of IIMC - Bhaskar, Taniyaa, Shreya and Nilotpal. Nilotpal is Taniyaa's friend and he in not an IIMCian.  

And of course there was special column “Chacha Ki Batein”. Chacha had blessed the birthday girl in his won way through a five line “poem”. Whatever he writes becomes a poem!

And guess the reaction of the girl when the gift was presented to her before the entire class.

First reaction: Wow! Ye kisne kiya?

Second reaction: Are Indrani ka bhi interview liya hai?

Third reaction: tears in her eyes. Of course they were happy tears. Nobody mind crying with happy tears.

Fourth reaction: speechless.