Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Everybody loves a benign bomb

The well thought-out, as the serial blasts that wrecked Patna this Sunday morning appear to be prima facie, was benign in the sense that this killed only six people injuring close to 100.

Bihar police reports seven blasts. The number of deceased is less than number of bombs that exploded. Not many times do you come across such friendly bombs. No doubt these were benign bombs! And no doubt therefore everybody does love it.

The BJP loves it because it has legitimised their claims of Nitish Kumar treating Narendra Modi not as political opponent but political “enemy” after their alliance was broken.

It has given them this window for going to people and explain the “truth of blasts”. They are loving it as it has allowed them to play victim of deliberate “security lapse”.

They are loving it, as their supporters can claim, in the chaos that followed blasts, more than policemen BJP workers were there for helping people out. This is what they always want. Despite the blasts the rush in the “hunkar” rally didn’t thin, and they are loving it more than anything.  

The JD (U) is loving it since they have been able to let people in believing Modi is synonyms to violence - "he comes and violence is bound to follow/precede". They are aptly citing Muzaffarnagar riots. The conspiracy theorists proclaim Modi is enough for polarising people to the extent of planting bombs.

The central government loves it as the blasts redirected the media’s and people’s attentions away from the embarrassing gold hunt in Unnao. The Unnao embarrassment could certainly have got more spaces in newspapers and news channels causing huge embarrassment to the ASI and the government. 

Asaram supporters too are loving it.

The media is loving it. The TV channels got another piece of news which they can “play” with entire week. The print media reporters got the lead story without putting in their effort.

Sea of people at Gandhi Maidan who had gathered to listen to Modi’s “hunkar” didn’t panic and therefore averted an impending stampede. Democracy theorists are loving it. This shows how much the people believe in democracy, they have claimed.

But the innocent and dispassionate residents of Bihar and anywhere in the country are shocked.

As commoners they are least interest in whose “hunkar” is heard up till where or whose secularism is more sacrosanct. They are least interested in knowing who has gained from the blasts.

Only thing they are interested in is no child should be rendered orphan in political blasts or communal riots flared up by political passions. They are interested in knowing how we can stop our country to follow the Pakistan’s trajectory where violence has become integral to political rallies.