Friday, 4 October 2013

Sea! How cute is your united family

Photo Credit: Tanya Raturi on Facebook

First time I saw sea was on September 28, 2013. And how beautiful united family it has.
A family where there are children of all age group from 8 years to 23-24 years and of all the ages in between. There are sons, daughters; mothers fathers and of course grandfathers and grandmothers.

When I first stood before the sea with the sand literally shifting from under my feet eyes could capture only a small fraction of the entirety. And in that very fraction I encountered all the family members.

Where did I found the young children of the sea?

I witness waves being formed just before my eyes. Sons and daughters of the sea family – who I refer as sea-children – join shoulder to shoulder, put their hands across each other’s waist, giggle and run towards the shore forming waves. In these waves I find the sons-daughter of the sea. They jump up and come down as if they are playing rope skipping when they run outward. We all play rope skipping.

The exuberance of theirs reflects in the energy they carry. I find all these as expressions child-like.

They run towards shore to mingle and play with the young members of human family - who I refer as human-child. The people on the shore jump into these waves, flying with it struggling with it. Sometimes the sea-child wins sometimes human-child wins. There are only victories. Nobody is ever defeated.

While the sea-children do all these, their parents – the calm and still water slightly away from the shore, that appears mature like our parents do – watch and pride on what it has birthed. Such is the joy of this playing and mingling that we forget everything that is behind or before that moment.

While children – the sea and human – play with each other the parents see them overwhelmed. Our parents sit on the sand and sea family parents in the water that is calmer and originates the waves.

Eyes farther into the water and it has higher degree of calmness. They allow the ships, cargoes to sail through. Rarely do they disturb the business we do through them. They are just happy with seeing their children playing with the human-children.

Do they not resemble our grandparents? Don’t we see immense sense of satisfaction and happiness in out grandparents’ eyes when we play and we are happy?

I have never seen my grandfather. My father has seen him last when he was just three. But when I saw sea for the first time I could draw some similarity between my grandfather and the calm water- the grandfather in the sea family.