Friday, 27 September 2013

Come on Rahul….you’re young, energetic, wake up early man

He is the only young, energetic, different, revolutionary and genuine politician in the UPA who has the guts to go against the decrees of the first family, unofficially! He is the Yuvraj of UPA. They call him Rahul Gandhi.

He has this extraordinary privilege to choose to remain couched in his air-conditioned rooms when the parliament, judiciary and people discussed the ordinance on whether to disqualify the tainted leaders. 

When the parliament settles the issues, though against the people’s and judiciary’s opinions, one fine evening he decides to come out of the comfort of the couch call the ordinance a “complete nonsense" and suggests to tear it away.

Perhaps he might have realised he is the young and he needs to show some exuberance. Perhaps he might have realised by rolling right hand sleeves up and terming the ordinance as nonsense worthy of dustbin he would look and sound cool.

True, no Indian was happy with the ordinance that had overturned the Supreme Courts’ verdict and allowed the tainted politician to retain their memberships of the House.
But this is also true Mr. Yuvraj that no Indian would find you cool when you termed the ordinance “complete nonsense”. And this is why?

Where were you when the ordinance was being debated? Had you stopped talking to your mother Sonia Gandhi ji! Prime Minister might not have spoken to you; we all know how often does he speak, but why didn’t you approach and tell him what you are telling now to us? Do you have no say in your own party your own “sarkar”?

Or are you simply trying to be the messiah who would purge our parliament of all the sinners and the sins with no regard to what your party and sarkar decides? Are you trying to show that you have the guts to criticize the policies of your own party on the TV? Are you trying to show the fiery side of yours?

If you are doing anything of the sort dear Yuvraj! please take a note that the people in the country are not as fools as you suppose them to be. Why I am saying this? Let me clarify.

Do you remember how you had torn apart pieces of paper in April last year during Assembly election rally in Uttar Pradesh? You had termed those paper pieces as the election manifestos of the SP and the BSP parties.

What happened in the UP elections? 

Your party was demolished much like you had torn apart the paper pieces. It seems you have forgotten the ignominy.

Dear Rahul I am not saying you are not young, energetic and talented. You possess all these qualities; this is what all your spokespersons have been trained to speak. 

My only submission is please wake up on time. It’s already too late. We didn’t like your delayed exuberance at all.