Sunday, 15 September 2013

Don't bid me goodbye......'bookbye' instead

That evening; I was walking in my garden when suddenly she gave a missed call. In no time my finger danced on my key pad like trained puppet which always does the same trick.

We talked for five minutes and call got disconnected. I had run out of balance. 

She called back.

“Why did you call me? I’d have called you tomorrow after recharging my phone,” I sounded caring.

“Hey I just called to say you bye,” she said naughtily.

“Ooo...but just tell me why do we say ‘bye’ when we are to disconnect or see-off?” I had a question for her.

 “I don’t know. You please let me know it,” she asked.

“Actually its last three letters of the word ‘goodbye’. And this word is contraction of three words.

Good contracts to God.

Be is be and ‘Ye’ stands for you.

Thus goodbye means ‘God be with you’.

As we see-off or hung up with somebody we can’t give them company and so we pray God to be with them,” I explained it to her.

Ooooooooo… I see.

“From now on-wards we would never say only ‘goodbye’ to each other but we would be saying 
‘Bookbye’. I want your books to be with you when we are not on phone line,” she was extra caring today.

“Yes. Now disconnect. Bye,” I said.

 “Hey! Say me Bookbye,” she interrupted before I could have ended the call.
Ohooooo……….. sorry.

“Bookbye,” I said. “Bookbye,” she replied.

I could not understand what that was. But something happened to me that evening.

Was I feeling something for that girl? Will she fill the void that was created in my life after Annu had left me? 
No I jerked my head but smiled in my heart. I felt good. Perhaps for the first time I had felt for a girl after Annu had gone from my life.