Monday, 4 November 2013

Let the sycophancy be dead, let my voice be heard

Can I call a spade a spade without fear of being slammed
can I enjoy my rights to speak without being intimidated
can I show you the mirror you deserve
or should I bear all your bullshits only because
you are some party's affiliate, some party’s PM candidate?

True that those in my neighbourhood have vouched for you
true that many of my friends are campaigning for you 
but do not expect me to be a blind follower
it’s a mistake I am their friend, their neighbour   

Sycophants don't let me speak what and when I want to
they can argue, counter and contest 
but they seek to silence the voice that I have
for they don't like the truth, the party don't like the truth 

Who cares, even if tomorrow you become Prime Minister or 
who gives a damn even if you don’t get single vote
they will worship you, they will butter you
despite all the killings that you allowed
despite all the hatred you have instilled

Sycophant that they are, little do I care
threat to 'humanity' they are, I am afraid
threat to idea of Indianness they are, I am concerned 
threat to harmony they are, I am apprehensive 

I hate you, for you befool people in the name of caste
I hate you, for you blackmail people in the name of religion
And not mistake me as loving them only because I hate you
Let the sycophancy be dead, let my voice be heard 

Disclaimer: I have some wonderful friends and neighbours. Only thing is that they have different political liking than I. I respect them all and want them all be in my life.