Saturday, 23 November 2013

And I had a lovely interpretation of 3rd law

"Yes around the same time that year
when the weather was as pink as now
the sun as warm as now
and the moon also as cool as now

When my morning happened in guava orchard
afternoon in grandmother's lap, evening in paddy field
when I did not know beyond farm, field

and those feelings were still nascent

Photo Credit: Facebook Wall of Sourav Roy Berman - hero in When he printed a newspaper on her for her b'day article on this blog 

Yes around the same time that year
when that morning I was climbing the guava tree
I saw a She on the neighborhood roof
and "those feelings" suddenly did't remain nascent

Yes around the same time that year
when I was to enter Std. eight
when Newton's Law was introduced to me
and I had a LOVEly interpretation of 3rd law......"

After 25 years of their marriage she asked him, "Do you remember when you saw me for the first time?".

And he replied like that.