Friday, 9 January 2015

I need a Smart City

They have promised 100 Smart Cities. I am asking just for one. The real one, the sensible one. The one with democracy, life and a bit more.

Where the democracy would be open, lively, ready to change, ready for change. It would be assertive, accommodative. 

But at no point in time, my City would be open to extremists. It would not let those in who think their religion is more important than reason, who think the supremacy of their religion is inverse to the existence of those of others.

In my City, they would not keep religious text in cupboard and guns in their hands. For my Smart City would be one where the dumb, who think their religion and their gods are so helpless as to they need to be protected with guns, have no place.

My City would not be for those who think they need to kill people to amplify their "legitimate" demands for a separate state. My City would not be one where students, teachers and journalist are killed for they are among the most untrained “fighters” to live in this battlefield —  World.

My City would be one where Words of Mass Destruction (WMD) are banned. By WMD, I mean words like riots, conversion, ghar wapsi,  temples, mosques, terrorism, Love Jihad, and….(you may add your own words).

My City would be one where we don't need to discuss 26/11, 9/11, NDFB (S), Peshawar, Paris. My City would be one where I dwell to live and not to die. 

My Smart City would be one where Love is sans Jihad. And where people have control on their lives and not on others’ death.